Name Rank Unit Contribution
Dr. Eugene Brown Professor ME He has helped with the establishment of NE Program, preparation of the SCHEV application, hiring of NE core faculty, and other administrative tasks. He has also received funding from AREVA for performing CFD modeling for nuclear reactors.
Dr. David Clark Professor and Department Head MSE He has had active research in the areas of nuclear waste storage for the last 15 years, and has contributed/been engaged in the hiring of NE core faculty members.
Dr. Robert Hendricks Professor and Associate Department Head MSE He has worked in the area of nuclear materials for most of his career, as a research scientist at ORNL, as founding member of a startup company, and as a faculty member at VT. He has developed the MSE 5483G Advanced Nuclear Materials course which is one of the core courses for the NE PhD Program, taught the course for a number of years, and has been engaged in the hiring of NE faculty. His current research activities are in the area of materials for detection devices.
Dr. Alan Kornhauser Associate Professor ME With funding from CAER, AREVA, and others, he has investigated interphase drag in liquid-vapor flows in once-through steam generators (OTSGs), liquid-vapor flows in ejectors, the follow of flashing liquids through restrictions, and liquid-vapor flow instrumentation.
Dr. Satish Kulkarni Research Professor, Director of Energy Initiatives ESM, Office of VP of Research He is a member of leadership of NSEL. Specifically, he is in-charge of activities in the area of nuclear policy. He has organized and chaired a forum on Nuclear Regimes: Future Outlooks, which gathered key people from different sectors of the society. He has initiated discussions on joint activities with other VT units in the areas of nuclear policy and nuclear energy. He has organized invited seminars for key government officials and industry leaders. He has developed a course in the area of policy.
Dr. Roop Mahajan Lewis E. Hester Chair Professor & Director ME, ICTAS He has helped with the establishment of the Nuclear Science and Engineering Lab (NSEL) at Virginia Tech Research Center in Arlington, and provided guidance and support for this Lab. Further, he is interested in teaching courses in the area of heat transfer.
Dr. Sonja Schmid Assistant Professor STS She has developed and co-taught a course on nuclear policy with one of the NE core faculty. In May 2012, she organized a workshop with faculty of Darmstadt Technical University, Germany, on issues related to energy policy, which its inaugural meeting emphasized on nuclear energy, and currently she is working on a follow-up meeting in order to engage other energies of energy, and eventually create a dialogue on formulation of a science-based energy policy.
Dr. Danesh Tafti W.S. Cross Professor ME He has received several research contracts from AREVA on various CFD analyses of different components of a nuclear reactor cooling system. He has submitted joint proposal with core NE faculty members on development of multi-physics computer codes for modeling and simulation nuclear reactors.