Research Areas

  • Advanced radiation transport methods and codes

    Hybrid particle transport methods their application to nuclear systems; multi-scale/multi-physics methodologies; computational methods in reactor physics and shielding; perturbation methods

  • Modeling and simulation of nuclear systems

    High performance computing; virtual visualization; simulation of medical imaging techniques

  • Nuclear Materials

    Novel nuclear materials design; thermoelectric materials; materials modeling and simulation; hard coatings; plasma-material interactions

  • Nuclear nonproliferation, verification and policy

    Design of nondestructive detection algorithms and tools; applications including spent fuel pool monitoring and cargo container inspection; science-based analysis and support of nuclear policy formation

  • Reactor physics, shielding, control and operation

    Multigroup cross section generation; pressure vessel calculations; design of digital instrumentation and control

  • Thermal hydraulics and reactor safety

    Two-phase flow modeling, instrumentation and experimentation; two-phase flow computational fluid dynamics; advanced passive safety system design